About us

ShaBi has strong network more than 2000 women home based workers who have taken the membership in organization. These members own and manage the organization and spread all over the country. The women being trained and organized in group are able to develop craft

We ShaBi Naturalare exporter of various Fiber, Yarn, handmade fabrics, designer garments, accessories, handbags, Home and décor items and many more made from selected natural fibers.

To stay in tune with nature, we promote the traditional ways of producing yarn, fabric and goods.Our products are almost entirely made of natural fibers with the beauty of all the earthy colours achievable from natural dyes.

The use of natural fibres has no impact on the environment as long as they are both a sustainable resource and totally biodegradable. We love all natural fibres, both cellulose and protein, and appreciate each one for their different characteristics.

We greatly enjoy sourcing the raw fibers and materials and working directly with dyers, weavers, knitters, crochetters, pattern cutters, carvers, paper makers and felters. We wish to promote all the traditional crafts and continue supporting Nepalese artisans without whom, ShaBi natural would not be possible. Ethical, sustainable and fair trade is essential for the livelihoods of all those involved in helping ShaBi Naturalbring designs to life. Main fibers we use time and time again are Nettle(Allo), Hemp, Silk, Bamboo, Cotton, Wool, Pashmina.

Natural Dyes

We love the beauty of all natural dyes’ earthy colours and that the history of natural dyes goes all the way back to the earliest forms of colour. It’s an international history shared by all.

Natural dyes are a colorant obtained from any natural source and a great place to find them can be right in your own back yard!
Roots, bark, nuts, leaves and flowers are just a few common sources of colour. Most natural dyes are usually a plant extract for colour and a mineral mordant to set the dye or adjust colour. Most of the extracts we use at ShaBi Natural are native to Nepal and usually sourced from natural medicine shops, where they’re mostly sold for their medicinal qualities.

In keeping with both the tradition and the environment, we’ll continue to choose natural dyes for natural fibres. We just love that the colours enhance with age and mellow into increasing beauty. This great craft must be introduced to the next generation to protect ancient dye techniques from becoming just a subject in a history book.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Our Vision

To promote unique Nepali traditional fabrics/textiles and its designer wears in international level; and to be part of global fashion industry where these fabrics can be well suited as per the current trend and users aspiration while flaunting natural fiber cloth that can out-fashion other fabrics